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Geum Do Ha
Dernière visite : 14.01.19 11:32
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Âge :
Vingt-huit ans et sans inquiétude du service militaire puisqu'il l'a déjà effectué
Birthdate :
Métier ou études :
Président de la célèbre maison d'édition ASIA Publishers
Résidence :
Gwang-dok gu~
Côté coeur :
Célibataire bien trop timide pour approcher celle qui lui plait
Journal :


Do Ha

Laying my head on my needle-like worries
I pretend to sleep though I can’t

Because of the thoughts about you that are more life-like than dreams
In the end, I stay up all night

No matter how many years, how many lifetimes
I’ll be existing for you

Even if it gets wet in the tears that fall like tears from the longing
It doesn’t grow cold

Feels like insomnia


Seol Ha
Little sis, Love of my life

Don’t be afraid, yeah I will stay
Kick our blanket, make it balloon

Who would you save if your best mate and me are drowning
I’ll save my friend cause you’re like a monk seal

You asked: I love you
How much can you love me

Just without a thousand words
And then I’ll say

I love ya, I love ya
I love ya, I love ya


Yul Hee
First love & last love

Even if I don't look at you, my heart is toward you
And wishes I would look at you

If I feel like you're staring at me,
In case our eyes meet, I can't look at you in return

Where are you looking at?
Perhaps you're looking at me
In hope your heart is the same as mine

My body doesn't listen to me,
My heart is saying it loves you but my eyes are avoiding yours

My body doesn't listen to me,
My heart is saying me to get close to you but I just feel an undesirable shyness

I want to greet you manly at least once, but I can't even say hello
With my friends, I am a chatterbox but in front of you, i'm just a shy boy

If somehow our eyes meet, my body says oh no and my heart says want her
In hopes your heart is like mine...

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