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Cheong Josephine
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20 bougies
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elle rêve de détrôner la papesse de la mode et d’être à la tête de son propre empire mais au pire si ça marche pas elle pourra toujours récupérer l'empire cosmétique de papa
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Namgu obviously
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The sassiest sass queen to ever walk this earth. Everyone should bow down to her sassiness. She speaks the truth that every peasant is too afraid to say. Those who are friends with Josephine are the coolest because they're awesome enough to be friends with the sassiest sass queen to ever walk this earth. Everyone else is a peasant.

Primadonna girl, all I ever wanted was the world. I can't help but I need it all : the primadonna life, the rise and fall. You say that I'm kinda difficult but it's always someone else's fault. Got you wrapped around my finger, babe you can count on me to misbehave


If this feeling flows both ways (Sad to see you go) Was sorta hoping that you'd stay (Baby we both know) That the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day

【pacey and joey】

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