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moon lilith
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moon lilith
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Âge :
21 ans
Métier ou études :
styliste, études en commerce international
Résidence :
noksaek-gu tout récemment
Côté coeur :
en miette
Journal :
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i asked him once while we both got high
why it was that i could write novels about him
until the words got tired of being anagrams
of his name - but at the same time he would
never reciprocate. he blew a smoke ring and
broke it with his finger. “dunno,” he said (...)
i found him once sitting on my floor staring
at a picture from when i was young.
“god,” he said, “i really fucked you up.”


And are you in love? And are you happy?
And do you sometimes write a poem?
And have you had your hair cut?
And have you met anybody of such beauty
your eyes dance, as the waves danced

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location unknown

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russia 2004

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