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Seo Shin Sung
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Seo Shin Sung
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Âge :
vingt-trois ans.
Métier ou études :
dealer en reconversion, parfois il va pointer en cours de musique pour se donner bonne conscience
Résidence :
Il vient de perdre son logement.
Côté coeur :
le cœur déchiré, instable.
Journal :
J’ai rien à t’offrir à part de mauvais souvenirs.

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You’ll understand why storms are named after people.

u l t r a violence
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I found peace in your violence

J'suis déjà fou, autant rester dans l'délire,
J'serai celui qui fait une blague avant d'mourir,
Celui qui part dans un fou rire,
J'veux laisser mon propre souvenir.

some like it violent

How foolish you were to think you could chase a destructive storm such as myself and come away unscathed ?
Stay at my storm,
Love me at my worst
and you will have the best of me.

s e o bro
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i'm a demon with a guardian angel.

Oh brother we go deeper than the ink beneath the skin of our tattoos,
No we don't share the same blood,
You're my brother and I love you,
That's the truth,

And you're going to be here 'til forever.

And you were there, when I grew restless,
Left in the dead of night,
And you were there, when three months later,
I was standing in the door all beat and tired,
And you stepped aside.

k w o n fei
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guardian from the past.

I'm in need of a savior,
but I'm not asking for favors
My whole life, I've felt like a burden
I think too much, and I hate it
Loving never gave me a home, so I'll sit here in the silence

all my life, we've been fighting ghosts.

Can we work it out?
Can we be a family?
Us, standing in a family portrait,
Like the old photo in your pocket jeans.

b a e allen
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you're my whole world, bro.

Qu'est-c'qu'on sait faire à part name-dropper des cocktails,
récolter des problèmes ?
John Lennon et McCartney,

Plus stupide que la stupidité, ouais !

Rhum et soda, coke et vodka
Rock'n'rolla, ravagé, coma
Bagarre et trauma', lavage d'estomac
Massage et sauna, passager d'l'au-delà,
Levez les bras pour Satanas et Diabolo !

b a e aiden
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just wanna feel you against my lips.

You said you liked storms,
So i let you in.
Turns out you can only handle a little rain
and I'm a hurricane.

But you're in my veins.

Everything is dark
It's more than you can take
But you catch a glimpse of sun light
Shining, shining down on your face
Your face.
Oh your face.

l e e jaehyun
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should i take your hand ?

Jumin. Jumin. Jumin.
Fucked around and got attached to you.
I don’t believe, I don’t believe it, you left something in me in pieces,
Too hard to breathe,
Too hard to trust again.

Friends can break your heart too.

But I will not be my knees because of your lies.
Trying to ignore the thunder in my heart,
To ignore the urge to listen to you again,
To let you save me.
Why do you keep trying to fix me ?

y o o n sung jae
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and we started a fire.

This is just my way of unleashing the feelings deep inside of me
This spark of black that I seem to love,
We can get a little crazy just for fun, just for fun
Don't even try to hold it back, just let go.

We're burning bright.

So give me all you've got
I can take it
We lit the fire
And it's burning bright

Not ashamed of what I am
I took the pills
For these empty nights,
Where I start a fire with you.

l e e hyun jun
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perfect ennemies.

I can't wait to hate you
make a fight of nothing,
Seems like such a loss cause
I can't wait to face you,
break you, down so low
there's no place left to go.

I’d sell you to satan for one corn chip.

Blood on our hands
There's no telling what you'll find
In the shadows where we hide
Once you've seen it
There's no going back in time
It's a darkness you can't fight, my friend

p y e o n kyô
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sorry i'm such an asshole.

I played with fire,
And I burned our wings,
And I destroyed everything,
Without knowing that pulling those wires,
Would also make your bleed.

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend.

Saying I'm sorry isn't enough,
Being on my knees isn't enough,
For you who known me all these years,
I couldn't save you from those tears.
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